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Black Diamond, Black Onyx, Presto, Vivace & Silk

My name is Malnika Irvin and I am the owner of Iron Lady LLC. I am a licensed Cosmetologist that graduated from Minnesota School of Cosmetology in 2011.  Being in the hair industry I had a lot of different moments where I just wasn’t satisfied with certain hot tools or I was tired of the same ole basic brands. I would go in different beauty supplies and they were carrying pretty much the same lines. That’s when I said to myself enough is enough.  There are so many hot tool companies on the market unheard of. There are a lot of people that don’t go to hair and beauty shows so great brands are missed out on, by a lot of people.  There is a large amount of brands that don’t make it to stores and/or may not get heard of. I want to bring trade show and mega beauty show hot tools to the light. I decided to start Iron Lady LLC. I want everyone to have a professional and lasting tool that is great quality and satisfying. I feel it is very necessary for people to have the proper tools for their hair type. I  educate, give styling tips, and make sure I am bringing and offering the best of the best hot tool lines you may not have heard of to the light.

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